All You Need is Love
A Golden Matchmaker: A Golden Retriever named Gus brings Kendra Robinson and Duncan Green together, only her ex doesn’t want to let her go.

All You Need is Love: Jenny Smith, a workaholic, wants to find a man to start a family. She tries online dating but it bombs. She’s hesitant to go out on a blind with a friend’s cousin, but does. What occurs next is a surprise to Jenny.

A Christmas Present to Remember: When Michelle Madsen receives a phone call from a woman representing herself as her father’s wife, it turns her life upside down.

Beneath the Velvet Blue Moon: On a summer vacation, Nadine Stone falls in love with Michael Greene. When a family tragedy strikes, she loses contact with him and is forced to move on. She meets another guy, but senses something is missing from their relationship when he proposes and goes back to that summer place where she met Michael Greene.

When the Heart Errs: Sandra Kramer meets Richard James at the cemetery, the day she buries her mother. At first, he’s a comfort, but soon they begin to date. Six months later, he proposes and promises to love her forever. Only Sandra’s beautiful world begins to unravel when Richard goes on a business trip.

Icecapade: MaryAnn Hedges falls in love with a butcher with a gambling problem. Instead of quitting, he makes one last bet and they end up hiding in a walk-in freezer.

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