When a tall, handsome, hunk in cutoff sweats gets in Marnie Davis's face for hijacking his Laundromat dryer, feathers fly. She calls him a barbarian. He calls her a hooligan. Imagine her chagrin then, to find the barbarian, Scott Langley, dressed like a GC model in her law offices the next day. It turns out Scott is the godson of one of the partners of the firm where Marnie works.

Marnie is forced to take Scott under her wings so they decide to bury the hatchet. Despite their growing attraction for each other, however, both are determined not to forge any kind of new relationship. They have been burned too badly by a partner in the past. It takes a shocking tragedy to finally bring the two lovers into each others' arms--only to have a sensational trial, where they are opposing counsels, tear them apart.

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