Honor Most Profane
Cala Gonzales, the publisher of a successful woman’s magazine does an interview for People and inadvertently places a target on her back because of events that occurred nearly twenty-five years before. While Cala finds love and excitement with Paul Silver, she’s unaware that she’s being stalked by a fanatic on a mission—to kill her
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Honor Most Profane

PROLOGUE: Buenos Aires, 1990

“Yasmin, I am the ambassador from Iran to Buenos Aires. How does it look that my daughter does not obey her father or worse—the teachings of Allah?” Musa al Dossari scolded while his wife, Zahra, looked away purposefully busying herself.
“I do not think anyone cares about me. And I certainly do not care what they think. I am being stifled here, unable to do the things my friends do—”
“Friends? You surround yourself  with Infidels who only wish to corrupt and turn you from the true ways of Allah.”
“That is untrue and unfair. They are—”
“They are no longer our concern because you will never associate with them again. My daughter must be above reproach.”
Yasmin turned her face from the angry glare of her father, but he grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him. The pain from his grip caused her eyes to water.
“You will obey. Do you understand me, Yasmin?” Her father demanded an answer and when she didn’t reply, he dug his fingers into her skin, repeating himself.
“Yes,” she said in a strained whisper.
His eyes bore into hers like twin lasers. “I’ll not tell you again. See that you do.”
Yasmin turned toward her mother who still would not look at her.
Her father spat, “Don’t look to her for sympathy. She’ll not help you.”
Despite the severe scolding Yasmin had received from her father, she decided to defy him and sneak out of the embassy compound to meet her friends at the Jose Amalfitani Stadium where a rock concert was being held. The main attraction was a hot young Mexican heartthrob named Enrique Gonzales, whose father, Carlos, was already a worldwide household name as a pop vocalist.
That evening, her parents would be attending an embassy function. She would be left with her two brothers. Only, her older brother, Amir, would probably leave to go clubbing with his friends. She found this highly unfair, but being a female she was no better than a second class citizen. In fact, Amir hardly ever spoke to her because she was a girl. Hassan, her younger brother, was different though. He was a sweet boy and she loved him.
Plans had been made to meet her friends at the bus depot at 7:45 PM. Just as Yasmin was leaving, Hassan saw her and asked where she was going.
“I am meeting my friend, Leila. Please, Hassan, do not mention this to Abee or Ammah.”
Hassan, who worshipped his older sister, promised to keep her secret.
The stadium was buzzing with excitement. Finally, the MC strolled on stage and announced the first performer, Fito Paez. A thin, long-haired bespectacled young man came onto the stage and sat down at the piano. He played, El Amor Despues del Amor, and the audience loved it. Wanting to hear more from this talented singer, he obliged them by singing, 11 y 6. Yasmin thought that this guy would go far, but soon forgot all about him because it was now time for Enrique Gonzales to perform. She, like millions of other young girls worldwide, thought he was hot.
The audience went wild with a roar of approval that shook the stadium when Enrique walked onto the stage. Yasmin’s heart nearly leapt to her throat with the mere sight of him. He was simply gorgeous, she thought. What she would give to be with him. He began to sing a popular love song that she knew all the words to as he stepped down off the stage and into the audience. As he walked, girls swooned and screamed, trying to touch him. He stopped every so often to sing to one of them. And then he was standing directly in front of Yasmin.
Their eyes met and locked. As she looked into his dreamy eyes, she felt a new and unexpected warmth surge through her. To the amazement of the audience close by, Enrique cupped Yasmin’s chin and bent to gently kiss her lips. The rest of the audience strained to see why he’d stopped singing. Yasmin was stunned beyond belief as he whispered into her ear to come back stage after his performance. And then he continued singing the song from where he’d left off and made his way back to the stage.
Leila grabbed her friend’s arm. “What did he say to you?”
“He asked me to come back stage when he was done,” Yasmin said in a tremulous voice.
Leila’s eyes grew wide. “Really? Every girl in this place would gladly go in your stead. You are the luckiest girl in the world tonight. Do you realize that?”
Yasmin knew this, but wondered how many girls had been in her place before. Surely, Enrique did this at every performance, right? In the end, she’d be just another notch on his belt. Even so, he was Enrique Gonzales.
When Enrique’s performance was over, Yasmin said goodbye to her friends and made her way backstage. His bodyguard was waiting for her and led her to Enrique’s lavish dressing room.
Enrique was in the process of changing his shirt when the bodyguard knocked on his door.
“Enter,” Enrique called out and Yasmin nervously walked inside, her eyes glued to his muscled chest as he pulled the polo shirt over his head and smoothed it out. Then he ran a hand through his thick head of brown hair in a vain attempt to tame it from falling carelessly over an eye.
He greeted her with a warm smile. “I’m so glad that you accepted my invite. Please come and sit down,” he said gesturing to the couch.
“What’s your name, pretty lady?”
She managed to say, “Yasmin.”
“Would you care for something to drink, Yasmin?”
“Water or tea, if it’s available.”
“Nothing stronger?”  Enrique asked.
“It is forbidden.”
“Wouldn’t wearing western garb be, as well?”
Yasmin smiled. “Very true. Then again, if my father knew that I had attended the concert tonight, he would have a seizure.”
Enrique cocked his head. “In for a penny, in for a pound. So, what about the drink?”
Yasmin had her first taste of beer that night. They sat and talked about their different childhoods for an hour or so before Enrique offered to drive her home.
“You mustn’t, Enrique. Someone might see us.”
“I understand, but I’ll not allow you to take a bus alone this late at night. Perhaps, I can drop you off somewhere close to the embassy.”
Roaming street gangs sometimes robbed people out and about at night. Therefore, Yasmin accepted Enrique’s kind offer and his bodyguard called for a taxi. Enrique accompanied Yasmin and told the cab driver to stop a safe distance from the Saudi Arabian Embassy. Turning to Yasmin, he said, “I enjoyed your company tonight.” Then he took her in his arms and kissed her. Here are tickets for the rest of my concerts. Please come to each of them so we can spend time together.”
Yasmin took the tickets from him with trembling hands. She had never expected to see Enrique again. What could this mean? she wondered.
“Thank you. This is wonderful. I will try to be at each performance,” Yasmin replied.
“Great!” he said and kissed her more passionately.
Yasmin instinctively touched her lips. She had never been kissed before by a man and loved every second his lips were on hers. He tasted of beer and that reminded her of her transgression. Only, she felt not an ounce of guilt. She knew then that she would do anything to see him again.
That night Yasmin dreamt of Enrique. In her dream his kisses were embellished. His lips not only captured hers, but traveled the entire length of her body. And then they came together as one.
Enrique could not understand his feelings for Yasmin. Did he find her exotic because she came from a different culture? Or was it because she was so beautiful and obviously pure? All he knew was that he wanted her like no other woman before her. And there were so many others. She’d stirred something within him like no other . Yasmin filled his mind and senses, blotting out all other thoughts. He could hardly wait for the moment when he’d again see and be able to touch her. But what if she didn’t return? No. She would be his. It was fate that brought them together and it would be fate that would bring her back to him.
When he returned to his hotel where his bodyguard, Jose, was waiting, he could tell that the man wanted to talk. So, he initiated the conversation. “What is it, Jose?”
“Enrique, I know it is none of my business who you date, but trust me, no good could come out of your association with a Muslim. It can only bring harm to the both of you.”
“You’re right, Jose. It isn’t any of your business,” Enrique said, shutting the conversation down.
Enrique didn’t need Jose to tell him about the dangers of getting mixed up with the daughter of the Saudi Arabian ambassador. He’d have to be a moron to not know of the Muslim code of honor and what breaking it entailed, especially for Yasmin who could be killed because of him. He knew it was wrong to pursue a relationship with her, but he wanted her so much and somehow he knew she felt deeply about him, as well.
The problem for Enrique was that there was no time to woo Yasmin. He’d have to tell her exactly how he felt at the next performance. And, yes, he knew she’d find a way to get there.
The following night, Yasmin bribed her younger brother to remain silent and made her way back to the arena to be with Enrique. She’d missed her bus, but took a passing taxi, fearing that she’d miss even one minute of seeing Enrique sing.
Enrique paced the length of his dressing room back and forth waiting to receive a text from Jose, who was posted at the front door of the arena, that Yasmin had arrived. Ten minutes before he was due to take the stage, the text came in and he combed his hair and checked his breath one more time before Yasmin was brought to him by Jose.
He hugged and held her close, kissing her. “I missed you so, Yasmin.”
“I missed you, as well.”
“Good. There’s so much that I must say to you and so little time. I will try to explain when I return. Jose will take you to your seat and when my performance is over, bring you back here.”
Enrique kissed her more passionately and was gone. The room felt colder after he left.
The concert which was sold out, was another success. Yasmin had a seat right up front. The audience couldn’t seem to get enough of Enrique and he sang two extra songs. When it was finally over, Jose took Yasmin back to Enrique’s dressing room. As soon as Jose left, she rushed into Enrique’s waiting arms. He held her tightly and kissed her.  
“What do you have to tell me, Enrique?” she asked.
“As I mentioned before, there’s so little time. Soon I will be on my way to another city.” He licked his top lip. “From the moment I first saw you, I knew you were the one woman I’d been waiting for. You have no idea what you do to me. I want you for my own. When I leave Buenos Aires, I want you to come with me.”
Softly, Yasmin said, “I had a dream last night. In it we made love. Does that mean that I feel the same way about you?”
Gently, Enrique stroked her cheek and smiled. “I’d like to believe so. Will you come away with me and be my wife?”
“Yes,” Yasmin replied, her heart beating so quickly, she was nearly breathless. She was thinking about her dream and what they did together in it.   

Five Years Later, Mexico
          The hacienda was quiet. Somewhere in the distance a coyote bayed at the moon. In the great room downstairs in the main house, a clock read 3:15 AM. Stealthily, two black clad figures made their way upstairs to the sleeping quarters. They found the room in which Yasmin and Enrique were sleeping and went inside.
One figure held Enrique down at knifepoint, while the other, broader figure placed his large hand over Yasmin’s mouth. Her eyes widened at the sight of the two figures. She knew very well who they were and why they had come.
Musa al Dossari glared at his daughter. “Whore, watch as your filthy infidel of a husband is killed,” he spat, spittle hitting her face. “You have disgraced our family.”
Yasmin bit her father’s hand and screamed out, “No, Abee! Don’t hurt him! Please!”
His reply was a hard slap across her mouth, causing her lip to bleed. “Amir, kill him!” Musa al Dossari said.
As the blood of Enrique sprayed over Yasmin and the bed, a tiny voice called out. “Mama, I can’t sleep.” However, when the little girl saw all the blood, she began to scream, alerting the others in the house.
The elder al Dossari then slit his daughter’s throat and was about to grab the little girl, when Enrique’s father came rushing into the room with a loaded shotgun and killed both intruders.

Manhattan: Present Day
Chapter One

          The photographer from People magazine had finished snapping his last shot and had begun to pack up his equipment. The young female reporter, who Cala Gonzales thought looked like ten, had already gone. She dropped onto the sofa in her office and kicked off her heels. The tall, willowy, olive-skinned beauty with delicate, high cheekbones swept her black hair behind her ears and massaged her temples.
          "It wasn't that bad," her administrative assistant, Anson Gray said. "Besides, I'm sure the pictures will be amazing."
          "Tell me again why I had agreed to do this interview."
          "Because, Cala, you're a pretty amazing woman who came here only seven years ago and now publishes a fantastic fashion magazine that people all around the world read. Don’t you think those people are just dying to know all about you?"
          Cala took a sip of the soda that Anson had brought. “Dying? I really don’t think it’s good marketing strategy to kill off your readership, Anson.”
          Anson ignored her flippant remark "Whether you care to acknowledge it or not, our rag, Fashion Forever, has become one of the most read fashion magazines in the world. It's only natural for people to want to know what makes the lady behind the publication tick."          
          Cala should have known better that her humor would go right over Anson’s head. No use trying to explain. "You're right Anson, but the success of the magazine wouldn’t have been possible without you and Kiki. Thank you for all your hard work."
          Anson saluted Cala. "I’m only doing my job, for which you pay me an excellent salary—but you're welcome."
          Cala watched the conservatively dressed man in a Brooks Brothers suit walk back to his desk. Always looking like a model from GQ with never a blond hair out of place, he was an excellent assistant and she truly couldn’t manage without him. Too bad he often came off as a stuffed shirt.
          Anson hadn't been gone five minutes when Kiki Gooden came rushing into her office. An African-American, transplanted from Chicago without a job, Kiki answered the employment ad Cala had placed in the newspapers at the start-up of the magazine for a graphic artist and had been with her ever since. Flushed and excited, Kiki held her worn brown portfolio under her arm. "I found it! I wasn’t certain I could, but I did!"
          "What were we looking for?" Cala asked, searching her mind for what the graphic artist was referring to.
          "The perfect background for the fashion-minded living in the proverbial small city in the USA article. Don’t you remember?"
          Cala nodded. The memory of their discussion came back to her. "Let's see it."
          Kiki opened the portfolio and took out several pictures. Cala smiled. "These are really great." The black woman with the diamond stud in her nose standing before her never seemed to cease amazing her.
          "You know, boss lady, having People do a spread on you and our magazine is a major coup for us," Kiki said. "Our sales should go through the roof."
          "Well, if that's the case, we’d better make certain that we have an issue ready to sell," Cala said, walking back to her desk. "On your way out, tell Anson I need to speak to him."
          A minute or so later, Anson appeared. "Kiki said you needed me."
          "Send a reminder to all the departments to get their galleys in by five—tomorrow morning the latest. If we have them proofed by the following day, barring no glitches, the issue will be out before the media conference," Cala said. “And go home.”
          He saluted her. “Aye, aye, boss. You don’t have to tell me twice.”
About fifteen minutes later, Kiki started to curse at the top of her lungs. Anyone within thirty feet of her office could hear her. Luckily most of the staff had already left. Cala got up and went to find out what had happened.
“What’s wrong?” Cala asked, as she poked her head inside of Kiki’s office, a look of concern on her face.
Kiki stopped shrieking and pounding her desk. A moment later, after she caught her breath, she said meekly, “When shit happens, it happens.” Unfortunately, her patience had been worn too thin at this point. Not being able to help herself, she slammed her hand on her desk and pencils and pens jumped into the air.
“Okay, tell me exactly what has transformed you into a crazy lady.”
“Some of the departments had already sent me their galleys. As I began to upload them, I discovered a huge formatting problem with the digital magazine.”
“So fix it.”
“Oh, if it was only that simple. But, it’s on me, so don’t you worry. I’ll get it straightened out. Go home, boss. I’ll figure out the problem and it will be ready for the rest of the uploads by tomorrow morning.”
“Listen, you don’t have to be here all night. If the digital magazine is a day late, it won’t be the end of the world,” Cala said. “Tomorrow is another day. You can get a fresh start.”
“Easier said than done. It’s me against the machine. I wouldn’t be able to sleep until it’s fixed, anyway, so I might as well work on it now.”
           “If that's what you want to do, I'll order in some Chinese and keep you company."
          “Already working on the problem,” Kiki replied, her eyes on the screen, "No need to babysit. I'll be all right."
          "I insist. Being the boss has some perks," Cala said, as she turned to go back to her own office.
          Cala sat back down at her desk and opened a side drawer. She pulled out a Chinese take-out menu. Grabbing her phone, she ordered several dishes and notified the front desk to allow the delivery boy upstairs.
          When the food arrived, Cala took it into Kiki's office. Both women ate, though Kiki continued to work with the computer. Cala marveled at the skill Kiki had. Not only was she a top-notch graphic artist, but she was the best computer tech around, as well. She looked geeky with her baggy clothes, black glasses and long, dark-brown hair, which she usually had pulled back into a ponytail. However, Cala suspected that underneath that lackluster clothing was a killer body with curves and boobs. It had something to do with the sensual way in which Kiki moved. Cala had a feeling that she knew what to do with that lethal body, too. And Cala would know.
          It was around the age of eight, that Cala discovered the mysteries of sex. She’d been a shadow to one of the young maids who worked at the hacienda. Pilar had been a buxom beauty who paid attention to Cala and the child had idolized her. And so did one of the landscapers, Carlos, who came three times a week to tend the beautiful gardens adorning the main house.
          A large barn stored all the equipment utilized on the hacienda and housed the six beautiful horses used to ride the vast acreage.
          Pilar and Carlos would often sneak away to the barn for a quick lay. Cala always followed Pilar to the barn. When the young woman disappeared from view, Cala peeked through a window. Carlos was waiting for her on a pile of hay.
          His cock was out and he was stroking it. Cala’s eyes grew wide at the sight. She stared in amazement as Pilar took the huge organ into her mouth and began to suck it. After doing this for several minutes, Carlos pushed Pilar back onto the hay and lifted the skirt of her dress. She wore nothing underneath and Carlos put his cock into the place where she peed. Cala paid close attention to everything, especially Pilar’s face. The child watched as her expressions changed from happiness to what looked like pain. Was Carlos hurting her?
          Confused fascination kept Cala at the window watching as the couple climaxed. When they were finished, they both stood and embraced. Then they rearranged their clothing and Cala scampered off, not wanting to be caught snooping.
          It wasn’t until a few years later and a lot more voyeurism that Cala understood what was going on. However, it wasn’t until losing her virginity to the son of the foreman that she finally put her knowledge to the test.
          Though she sensed Kiki’s sensuality, Cala knew very little of the other woman’s personal life. They didn't socialize outside of the office and Kiki didn't talk very much about things not related to the magazine. Most of the time Kiki usually kept to herself in her own office doing the magic she did best.
          Cala watched Kiki as she worked at the computer.  Finally the techie pumped her fists into the air and did her happy dance. Cala walked over to Kiki and placed her hand on Kiki’s shoulder. "What a relief! Thanks!"
          Kiki turned her head and rubbed her cheek against Cala's hand. Instead of pulling her hand away, Cala's reaction was one mixed with surprise, curiosity, and yes, excitement. This arousal was kicked to a higher notch when Kiki walked her fingers up Cala's arm.
          "You are so very welcome, boss." Kiki seemed to purr as she gazed into Cala's eyes.
          The look was unmistakable. It was sensuous and seductive. Cala could feel the sexual vibes Kiki was giving off through every pore of her body and found that her own response to the other woman was even more disturbing. Kiki rose from the chair without releasing Cala's hand.
          As Kiki's eyes slowly traveled down Cala's body, Cala felt a tingling in the pit of her stomach. Surprisingly, she felt herself begin to puddle between her legs as her body responded to the strong sexual signals Kiki was transmitting.
          Cala had never been with another woman, but was witness to a ménage a trois as a child when Carlos and Pilar had been joined by Maria, Pilar’s sister. Even back then she felt no repulsion—only curiosity and a certain lurch of excitement. How was this possible from just a look? Cala wondered. What would happen if Kiki actually kissed her?
          As if listening to Cala’s thoughts, Kiki moved closer and slowly brushed her lips against Cala's. Her lips were soft and inviting, the kiss starting out slow and tentative, quickly blossomed into a fervent one. Cala experienced a jolt of excitement as Kiki’s tongue caressed her own. It was the first time she’d ever been kissed by a woman. She liked the taste of Kiki’s lush lips and moved into her. As their kisses grew in length and deepened, Cala's arousal increased and she wanted to touch Kiki.
          Tentatively Cara placed her hand on Kiki's breast over her blouse. Kiki was braless and Cala could feel the nipple tighten at her touch, causing further excitement. Kiki took Cala's hand and slipped it under her tee shirt. Cala licked her dry lips and felt her breath quicken as she stroked each breast, fanning and kneading her nipples. She felt her desire rising and no longer wondered how any of this was possible. Kiki kissed Cala again, slipping her tongue into Cala’s mouth, playfully teasing Cala’s tongue.
          Seeing how much pleasure Kiki was experiencing, Cala continued to pull and pinch Kiki's nipples. The strangeness of touching another woman sexually had been forgotten and replaced with desire and need. She removed Kiki's blouse and bent to suckle a breast. Kiki moaned and arched her back.
          "Let's go over to the sofa," Kiki whispered in Cala's ear before tongue fucking it.
          By the time the two women reached it, Kiki had removed her jeans and slipped out of her panties. Cala took in the slender, well-endowed body and heat rose within her as she gave in to the passion.
          Kiki began to remove Cala’s silk blouse. Deftly the lace bra came off next. Seconds later, Cala was completely nude. It was obvious that this wasn’t Kiki’s first time with another woman.    There was no hesitation on her part. She knew exactly what she was doing, so Cala followed her lead.
          As Kiki raked her eyes over Cala’s body, Cara felt a momentary awkwardness. She’d never been totally naked in front of another woman before—especially one that was devouring her with her eyes. She felt Kiki’s gaze pass down over her dark nipples and travel downward to her ample thatch of black pubic hair. Her mouth felt dry as if she’d swallowed a ball of cotton.
          Kiki pushed Cala down onto the sofa and leaned over her. She kissed her mouth as her hands worked their way down her body, caressing Cala’s breasts, teasing her nipples. As Kiki continued to kiss Cala, she rubbed her bottom against Cala's vagina sending blips of pleasure through Cala’s entire body. Instinctively Cala rubbed her clitoris against Kiki.
          Their kisses grew more passionate as their hands and bodies moved more quickly. Cala had already forgotten that it was a woman pleasuring her. In fact, she no longer cared and wanted more—much more as Kiki's mouth left hers and began to lick and suck her nipples. Kiki's hands continued to explore Cala's pleasure points, burying two fingers within Cala’s snatch.
          Cala rubbed up and down Kiki's fingers, but she couldn't get off.
          "Poor baby," Kiki said. "Let mama help you." Kiki nestled between Cala's long legs and parted the nether lips of her vagina. Alternately Kiki began to lick and suck Cala's clit. Knowing what got herself off, Kiki placed a finger into Cala's ass and began to finger fuck it.
          One loud, long moan escape from Cala's lips as she climaxed, her body bucking as the spasms took hold of it. Moments later, she was done.
          Wanting to reciprocate, as well as discover how it felt to give head to another woman, Cara pushed Kiki back onto the sofa. Like a child left alone in a toy store, Cala wanted to play with everything.
          Kiki took Cala's face between her hands and kissed her. "Enjoy. My temple is now your playground."
          Cala began her grand experiment by running her hands over Kiki's entire body, starting with her ample round breasts. After teasing both nipples with her fingertips and mouth, Cala felt new excitement building in her own body. She kissed Kiki and nuzzled Kiki's neck. Wetness grew between Cala's legs and she fondled Kiki's breasts once more.
          Instinctively, Cala began to rub her mons against Kiki's. Blips of pleasure were felt in every nerve ending in Cala's body. But she wanted to taste Kiki. Cara began to plant kisses
down Kiki's body. She momentarily played with Kiki's belly button before continuing on. Now studying Kiki sex, she touched every part. It felt wet and warm.
          Kiki's breathing became ragged and loud. This spurs Cala on. She tentatively touched Kiki's clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Kiki gasped. Opening up Kiki's vagina, Cala ran her tongue from one end of it to the other. Kiki reached down and grabbed Cala’s hand, placing it on her breast.
          Cala continued to suck and lick Kiki's pussy as she played with Kiki's nipples, visibly driving Kiki wild. Kiki grabbed Cala’s head, further directing her. Finally, Kiki moaned and her body vibrated. Cala continued to pleasure the other woman until she was still.
          Kiki sat up and kissed Cala. “Though I loved every minute of that, I think I can finish the night off with a bang.”
          Cala looked at the other woman inquisitively, her eyes following her as she walked across the room to her tote bag. When Kiki pulled out a dildo, she exclaimed, “My God! You travel with that?”
          “Never leave home without it. After all, I never know when I’ll need it,” Kiki replied. Kiki buckled it on and rejoined Cala on the sofa.
          Leaning above Cala, Kiki rubbed her breasts against Cala’s as they kissed. Cala liked the taste of Kiki’s plump lips and couldn’t get enough. She continued to kiss them while Kiki slipped the dildo inside of her. Moving in and out slowly, Kiki allowed Cala to feel every stroke of the realistic-looking dildo. And it was Cala, moments later, who desired the other woman to move faster and deeper. Kiki obliged. Sucking Cala’s nipple was the catalyst that brought on another orgasm for Cala.
          Afterwards, as both women reclined side-by-side on the lounger, Cala wondered if that was Kiki’s idea of job security. The thought nearly made her chuckle. That was before she thought about what just happened between them. It wasn’t like just borrowing another woman’s clothing. What had happened between them was enormous. And it troubled Cala. She never thought she had any lesbian tendencies.
          Kiki, sensing what was most likely going through Cala’s mind, spoke. “It’s okay. Everything’s all right. I still like men, too. I merely love the person I’m with.”
          “How—how did you know what I was thinking?” Cala asked with obvious astonishment.
          “We’ve all been there. No biggie.”
          Cala still looked somewhat unsure, so Kiki elaborated. “Everyone has similar thoughts when they ‘switch hit’ for the first time.”
          Cala gave a half smile, but felt better. Now she only hoped what happened wouldn’t come between them either professionally or personally. As far as she was concerned, though it was pleasurable, she didn’t see herself ‘switch hitting’ again. Glancing at her watch, Cala began to rise from the lounger. “It’s late. We really should be going.”
          Kiki reached for Cala’s arm and stopped her. “Cala,” she said instead of boss lady, duly noted by Cala, “you’re a special lady and will make some lucky guy happy. I just wanted to show you there are two sides to everything—and every person.”
          And you, Kiki, are one very multi-faceted person, Cala thought.  
          The following day, nothing was mentioned by either woman about the sex they’d shared the night before. Cala preferred it that way and Kiki was smart enough to realize this.