Accidental Love
Holly Davidson is hammering out the final details with her soon to be ex-husband, Jeff, one nail at a time. The entire divorce process had been tedious and she has but another early meeting with her lawyer before work. Leaving her lawyer’s office, she’s caught in a monsoon and falls as she’s running to her car, breaking her ankle. One of the EMTs transporting her to the hospital takes an interest in her, but Holly doesn’t want any men in her life right now. But will she let the handsome EMT merely walk away out of her life forever?
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Accidental Love

It was a disastrous day. Holly Davidson was afraid to ask what else could possibly go wrong. She dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce, which shattered on her tile floor, reaching for the orange juice, causing her to run late for the meeting with her divorce lawyer. She was still fighting tooth and nail with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jeff, over their possessions. Their four-year-old marriage had imploded when Holly discovered he was cheating on her with his secretary, a nubile 21-year-old with big boobs. Holly was known to play nicely with others, however sharing her hubby was a no-no in her book.

Jeff, a tax accountant for a car dealership, protested the divorce at first. He still loved Holly in his own way and wanted them to remain together. Only Holly, whose mother had gone through a similar experience, knew that he’d cheat on her again. After all, it was the first transgression that was the hardest.

It took four months to convince Jeff that Holly would eventually be granted a divorce on the grounds of adultery, so he finally gave in and consented. Even so, he found another way to become a thorn in Holly’s side. He picked a battle over their possessions and wouldn’t give an inch. Everything in their home was fair game, as far as he was concerned. In fact, it was because Jeff wanted her curio cabinet and its contents that caused Holly to have this early meeting before work with her lawyer, Sylvia Jones. Holly was glad that Sylvia was one tough broad who knew how to negotiate.

After the meeting, just as Holly started to walk to her car from Ms. Jones’s law office, the wind had picked up and the skies had opened as the rain came down in torrents. It was the middle of monsoon season and Holly should have known to have taken an umbrella, but had forgotten it in her haste to be on time for the appointment.

Holly lifted her coat above her head and began to run to the car. She tripped over a rock, twisting her ankle as she went down hard. If the wind and the rain hadn’t been so loud, Holly would have heard the crack of the bones. She tried to get up, but an acute bolt of pain shot right up her left leg and she went down again. Now thoroughly soaked and writhing in pain, she tried to reach her purse from where she lay. She needed to call for help and her cell phone was just out of her reach. She’d never make it to work now, which was a sort of ironic since she was an RN at the Banner Ironwood, a local hospital. Helplessly, she lay there until she heard the following beautiful words, “Are you all right, honey?”

“Unfortunately, no. I think I’ve broken my ankle.”

The woman, a plump, sweet-faced fifty-something took out her cell phone and dialed 911. “Help will be here soon, sweetie,” she said, positioning her umbrella over Holly.

“Thank you.”

Obviously, the woman had prepared for the weather by donning a yellow slicker and rain boots, reminding Holly of the fisherman in the old Gorton Fishsticks commercial. When a bolt of pain shot up her leg, the silly thought was ousted from her mind. Other people had gathered and several offered help, but the woman in the slicker informed them that she’d already called 911.

Help was indeed coming. Holly heard the sound of a distant siren growing louder, just as the throbbing in her leg intensified. An ambulance pulled to the curb and two EMT’s, a man and a woman, jumped out with a gurney. They wasted no time in taking Holly’s vitals and assessing the situation. Through her veil of pain, Holly couldn’t help but notice how good-looking the man was with his thick, black hair and light blue eyes. He reminded her of an actor, but couldn’t think of his name since her brain was being reduced to the consistency of marshmallow as the pain in her leg seemed to grow in severity. And then everything around her faded to black and she lost consciousness, momentarily.

The man had noticed Holly’s attractiveness, too. He studied her delicate, oval-shaped face that was now etched in pain. Her green eyes were wet and glassy, but even the pain couldn’t dull their luster. As he swept her beautiful auburn hair off her face, he couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to kiss her rosy lips. He gently dabbed the perspiration off her forehead every so often and watched her long eyelashes flutter. Holly gained consciousness and moaned, disrupting his thoughts, which was for the best. He felt ashamed for having lusty thoughts about her. However, in his defense, it had been a long time since Beth had broken his heart and trampled on it for good measure. Perhaps, it was time to put Beth’s ghost to rest, once and for all and move on with his life.

Holly was in agony and wondered how long she could stand the pain. The ambulance pulled up to the back of the ER. The male EMT tried to reassure her. “It won’t be long now. You’re going to be all right.”

A nurse and an orderly were waiting for the gurney to be rolled inside. Lucky for Holly, it had been a slow morning at the Banner University Center in Phoenix. She was whisked into one of the examining rooms. Her vitals were taken again as the doctor examined her ankle.

“Did I fracture the tibia?” Holly asked, nearly breathless with pain.

The doctor, a young, swarthy-complexioned man, whose badge read, Gupta, looked at her with added interest. “Are you a nurse?”

“Yes. I’m an emergency room RN at Ironwood.”

He nodded his approval. “Honestly, without the conclusive knowledge of an x-ray, I’m guessing more than one bone has been fractured and the ligament might be injured, too.”

“That’s what I get for being a major klutz.”

“Accidents happen to the best of us. Nurses aren’t exempt.”

“Will you be operating on my ankle?”

“No. An orthopedic surgeon on call will. Here’s the x-ray tech now.”

A mobile x-ray machine was rolled inside by a technician and everyone else left the room. The tech, a tall, black man around forty with a pleasant smile reassured Holly that he would be quick and as painless as possible. Trying to live up to his words, she only saw stars and perhaps a distant galaxy only twice before all the necessary pictures were taken of her ankle. When he was finished, the tech wished her well and left. It would take around fifteen minutes for the x-rays to be developed and while Holly waited, the nurse came back to take her vitals, yet again. When she was done, she left and Holly was alone again with her agony.

The nurse returned with a thin graying-haired man who introduced himself as Dr, Emerson. “I will be operating on your ankle. It is quite a fracture, but I think it will heal well and you’ll be right as rain.” He then explained exactly what he would be doing and when he was finished asked if Holly had any questions. She didn’t. All she wanted at that moment was to get the procedure over with.

The anesthesiologist was waiting for them in the operating room and greeted Holly warmly. He was a funny man with a good sense of humor who tried to put her at ease. His cheeks were plump and for some reason, even though the man wasn’t fat, she thought of Santa Claus. In fact, that was the last thought she had as the anesthesiologist put her under.