The Life and Loves Of Ariel Jones
Ariel Jones:
A long-legged, sophisticated black woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. She is sexually adventurous and indulges her libido with whomever and wherever she likes. Okay. So sometimes this gets her into real trouble. Ariel just chalks it up to experience and moves on down the road to the next adventure.

The only adventure she avoids like cheap shoes is marriage. Too much trouble. Too much heartache. Too little freedom. But when she meets her match, she's got to reassess. Because he's to die for and he's got his own agenda.
Episode 1-Strange Encounter
Having a brief affair with her blonde, French roommate was new and exciting. But falling for her roommate's devastatingly handsome, kinky brother introduces Ariel to a new world of erotic pleasure.
Episode 3-My Personal Date From Hell
It has been a dry spell for Ariel. So online dating sounds like fun. She is surprised at the level of response and soon finds herself going on dates. Then she starts getting weird "gifts". When one turns out to be body parts, Detective Ray Meyers steps in to investigate. The hunky detective is cold and unsympathetic to Ariel, and no wonder: He is one of the on-line dates that she's ditched!
Episode 5—A Role to Die For
New York City cop, Ray Meyers, always told Ariel that her curiosity combined with her adventurous spirit would get her into serious trouble one day. Too bad she doesn’t remember that when she opens someone else’s package and starts watching a frightening porn video that is not meant for her eyes. All alone in her friend’s isolated house, and unable to contact Ray, Ariel soon realizes that her simple house-sitting favor is turning deadly�
Episode 7—Nearly Swept Away
Always open to new sexual experiences, Ariel is usually the first one to try something new. But her life with Ray is vigorous and satisfying, so she never pushes him to spice up their love making. Imagine her shock when they take a trip to Canada and a darker, more potent Ray reveals that he can still show her a thing or two about erotic encounters.
Episode 6—Slip Slidin’ Away
When Ariel’s parents celebrate their wedding anniversary in Paris, Ariel’s thoughts turn to her old sweetheart, Max. The last time they had made torrid love was in the City of Lights. So when an emergency sends her hurrying to her mother’s side in Paris, Ariel can’t help anticipating seeing Max again. Will she resist the old magic between them or will she fall under Max’s spell, wrecking the life she has now with Ray?
Episode 2-Secret Lives
Ariel doesn't usually date guests at her hotel, but Chance Manning's drawl and charming Southern manners breaks down her defenses. What starts as a fling turns into more-much more. Ariel teeters on the brink of disregarding her personal edict: Don't fall in love. But when she opens a drawer into Chance's secret past, she fears it's already too late.
Episode 4 Ariel is bored. So despite some uneasy feelings about "stepping out"on her lover, Ray, she accepts an invitation from a handsome, sexy Albanian. After all, it's just drinks at the hotel where she works. Just something to spice up the time till she goes home to Ray who is working late on a case. The hunk is charming, Ariel let's down her guard and soon regrets it.
Episode 4-Got Til It's Gone
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We headed for the bar in the informal restaurant and took a seat. Another bartender was on duty. He'd been watching a soccer game as he wiped down the top of the bar with a rag. Turning to us, he asked, "What can I get you folks?"
"Two pints of draft," Ray said.
The hotel served great beer and you know the saying, 'when in Rome�'
While we sipped our beers, Ray whispered into my ear, "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"
"Are you referring to that couple sitting on the couch, namely the woman who's been devouring you with her eyes?" I replied.
"I thought she was nearly salivating over you, too. But, the guy seems to be into you, as well."
I laughed. "You think we should go over and talk to them?"
Ray grinned. "Sure. Why not?"
We slid off our bar stools and walked over to the thirty-something couple, who were most attractive in their own right.
Ray started the conversation. "We couldn't help but notice that you both were staring at us. Is there something wrong?"
"No, mate, not at all," the blond, blue-eyed hunk replied in a thick Aussie accent. "We just couldn't help noticing how perfect you two complemented each other."
"You're quite an attractive couple yourselves," I said.
The woman, a lithe, blonde beauty with long hair and legs to match, her eyes still running up and down the length of Ray's body before finally settling below his belt, said in a similar accent, "Well, now, here we are, two attractive couples. Perhaps we should do something about that."


That night Max came over. He'd brought Thai food he'd picked up along the way. The food smelled great, but Max looked tastier. He'd gotten better looking during the last six years. He now sported a golden mustache and trimmed beard. His blue eyes were still just as electric and his sexy mouth just as tempting. Yeah, he still had that effect on me and I would have had him right then and there if it had been possible.
We sat at the table eating and talking. Call me crazy, but he appeared to be studying me while I wasn't looking. When I turned to face him, he'd have quite a devilish look on his face. It made me wonder what he might have been planning. My insides were beginning to liquefy just the same whenever his eyes met mine.
"You look wonderful, Ariel," Max said, as he poured more wine into my glass and cast a slow smile my way. I managed to stutter a thank you. Could my heart swell any more than it had?
"As Martine mentioned anything about the club we belong to?" Max asked me.
"Yes, she has."
"Then it's set. You're going to come tomorrow night, right?" He said.
How could I say no to Max? "Will you be there?"
"Why, of course-especially if I know you'll be there." He gave me a broad smile that made my toes twitch and all I could do was return the smile.
It was late, so Max left right after we finished eating. He turned me around and kissed me good night. I could still feel the heat from his lips long after he left.