Attorney Raven Gould, is tired of defending scumbags and fending off the advances of her boss. So she decides to quit her high powered career and take a job at a popular ice cream parlor. Her aunt is alarmed at Raven's decision and secretly convinces psychologist, Lucas Lusk, to check out her niece's mental state.

Reluctantly, Lucas agrees. But after meeting the dusky beauty, he realizes he wants to do a lot more than check out her mental state. The problem is, Raven has a thing against psychologists and if she discovers why he keeps running into her-seemingly accidentally-she'll never give him the time of day.

Raven soon finds herself intrigued by the tall, quietly sexy doctor, completely unaware of his relentless pursuit, or his determination to have her at all costs. And when a dangerous enemy from Lucas's past wreaks havoc on his career, Raven must choose between guarding her heart or standing by the man she thinks betrayed her trust.

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Changing the subject, Raven said, "I want to thank you again for taking me to the theater tonight. Our seats were practically on stage. I felt as if I was part of the show."

"I'm glad you had a good time and that the show lived up to its reviews," Lucas said before sipping his Manhattan. "I really enjoyed the show, too."

"Music is so powerful. It has a way of bringing people together. I came away with the feeling that we should hold fast to our dreams. That made me think of your mother and her fierce desire to live in the United States, no matter what."

"I thought of her, too. You would've definitely liked her."

Raven sipped her drink and dabbed at her lips with her napkin. "I'm certain I would have. Is your father still alive?"

"No. He died several years before my mother. Heart attack." Lucas looked away a moment.

Raven touched his hand gently. He turned back toward her. "I'm so sorry."

"At least my brother Michael and I had them both around while I was growing up."

"Okay. Official change of subject to a happier topic," Raven declared sensing his melancholy.

"Like what?" Lucas asked.

"Like I'd love to pick up the cast recording of the show," Raven said.

"Here you go," Lucas said, removing a CD from a pocket in his coat.

Raven's eyes widened. "When on earth did you get that?"

"During intermission while you went to the ladies room."

"Don't you mean when I got on that mile-long relief line?"

Chuckling, Lucas said, "Yes, then."

"I can't believe this. How did you know? Thank you ever so much! You're so thoughtful!"

"I know," Lucas replied.

"And so very humble, as well."

"Now, now, be nice. By the way, do you piss off Santa, too?"

Raven laughed until tears filled her eyes. When they cleared, she said, "Sorry my sarcastic side sometimes overpowers everything else."

"We'll listen to it together," Lucas suggested.

"Fabulous idea. I second it."

They finished their drinks and enjoyed another round. There seemed to be no limit to their conversation until a band consisting of a pianist, drummer and guitar player began to play a lively rendition of All You Need is Love.

"I had no idea this place had a band," Lucas admitted.

"And they're quite good."

"I know you love music, but how do you feel about dancing?" Lucas asked. A big grin occupied most of his face.

"Would love to!"

The song ended and the band started to play "Unchained Melody". Lucas reached across the table for Raven's hand and led her to a small area where several other couples were dancing. Raven slipped into Lucas's arms. His closeness was so male, so bracing and she soaked in his unique scent. A familiar shiver of awareness rippled through her, as if emerging from a long sleep. Her heart hammered in her chest foolishly.

Was this an indication that Lucas had already breached her defenses? Had she already cast her fate to the wind? It would certainly appear so. Especially since the thought of being alone with him-skin touching skin-was suddenly crowding her mind and allowing no other thoughts to enter. The sensations Raven now felt were not the usual ones she'd have whenever she desired to have sex with some guy she was attracted to. These feelings were similar to those she once had when she thought she was in love with Gordon White. That made sense, she reasoned. It definitely wasn't casual sex she now desired to have with Lucas. No, not in the least. She wanted to make slow, sweet love with him-again and again.

Lucas nuzzled her neck. Oh, yeah. She wanted him all right. And if that hard object pressing into her thigh was what she thought it was, the feeling was quite mutual.
The band launched into their rendition of "I Will Always Love You", and Raven continued to enjoy his closeness as she casually slipped her arms around his neck. She gave into the desire to run her fingers through the back of his hair. In response he kissed her neck sending a fresh sensual thrill straight to her sex. Raven moved closer continuing to soak up that uniqueness of him that was making her heady. The urge to run her hands up and down his body under his clothing was nearly overwhelming. Her logical mind was running scenarios of them having sex. Some were so hot she thought the circuits in her brain would overheat. She hadn't felt so sexually charged in ages and began to fear what might happen if she didn't sleep with him.

When the song ended, the band played a rendition of "She's a Maniac", before taking a well-earned break.

Lucas led Raven back to their table and got them another round of drinks.

Raven took a sip of her drink. "You seem to know your way around a dance floor."

"My mother and father loved to dance. I guess I caught on watching them."

"Well you obviously paid close attention."

He grinned at her impishly. "Most girls liked boys who knew how to dance. And I liked girls."

"Good to know. Perhaps after we leave here tonight we can listen to the CD from the show." Raven hoped he'd take the hint.

"It should sound wonderful on my Bose system," Lucas said.

Raven's heart fluttered as she began to anticipate what was going to happen.

After they finished their drinks, Lucas said, "if you'd like another drink, Raven, that's fine. As for me, if I have another, we'll have to take other transportation home."

"No. I'm fine. In fact, I feel great!" She attempted to rise to prove her point, but never quite got to her feet. Gravity won the battle and she sat back down.

Lucas stifled a chuckle. "You seem to have gotten a real buzz on. Perhaps, I should get you home."

"Nope. The night is still young. And the last time I checked, so are we... Or is it the other way around? Who cares? We're in the greatest city in the world and should enjoy ourselves," Raven said, as she nearly slid off her chair.

"Okay, happy girl, let's go," Lucas said as he came around to help Raven into her coat. He bent to kiss her tender neck. She made a purring sound of contentment.

They walked the short distance to his car and he helped her inside. As he drove out of the lot, he glanced at Raven. Her eyes were closed, but there was a smile on her face. It looked like she was just resting her eyes a moment, but by the time they were back on the expressway, the sound of her soft snores filled the car nearly making Lucas laugh. He fought valiantly to stifle them, not wanting to embarrass her. It wasn't exactly the way he imagined the end of the date would go, but shit happens as they say.

Raven woke up when Lucas cut the engine in front of her house. Disoriented a moment, she asked, "Where are we?"

Lucas smiled at her. Her cheeks were flushed with sleep making her look adorable like a little girl. "At your place."

"I thought we were heading to yours to listen to the CD?"

"That was the original plan."

"Uh-oh," she said quietly. "Was I asleep?"

"Yup. You slept all the way home."

"You're kidding. Please say you're kidding. I'm so embarrassed. That never-
I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. You're adorable when you sleep," Lucas said, unbuckling his seatbelt.
Raven rolled her eyes. "That won't happen again. I promise."

"You know we can keep doing this until we get a perfect," he said. "Same time, next Saturday?"

A yawn snuck past Raven's defenses and she apologized quickly, but not before Lucas chuckled. "I'd better get you inside while you're still awake." He leaned over the console and opened her seatbelt. Then he got out, walked around the car, and opened her door.
Smiling down at her, he asked, "Would you like me to carry you to the door?"

"Heavens no! What would my aunt think?"

"That I wore you out of course," he said, offering his hand.

Raven took it to steady herself a moment before they walked to the door together. She had removed the keys from her purse and Lucas took them to unlock the door. Then he encircled her in his arms, drawing her closer to him. He kissed her gently. "Shall I pick you up at seven next Saturday?"

She nodded and placed her arms around his neck. "I'm truly sorry about tonight. I've never fallen asleep on a date before." Her lips covered his, intending to be a sweet good night kiss. But instead of parting, their lips were pulled together like electromagnets coming together in an attraction of savage harmony. Both had totally forgotten that her aunt might be up and about. They were too engrossed with each other to think of anything else but kissing and touching one another.

Raven's back was against the door as Lucas leaned into her, first devouring her mouth and then her neck. She grabbed handfuls of his hair, pulling his face close to hers. Their lips came together again in a fury, their tongues meeting in a tangled heap while they breathed as one.

Closer still, Raven rubbed against his straining cock. A soft moan escaped her lips. Lucas cupped her breast through her silk dress as he planted hurried kisses down her neck. His other hand inched up her dress toward her drenched panties.


4.0 out of 5 stars enjoyable read April 24, 2015
By donna vaughan
Flavor of the week – Candy Cane
Raven a lawyer unhappy with the law firm she is working with leaves her job to work in an ice-cream parlour. Her well-meaning Aunt Dottie who took Raven in when she was orphaned at 6. Dottie convinces psychologist Lucas Lusk to talk to Raven without her knowing that Dottie sent him.
Lucas sent to Raven to see if she has lost her mind and to try and talk her into going back to practice law. Lucas may find that he has gotten into more than he expected.
Lucas is a modern day “hero” a knight in shining armour his whole life is about helping people and he does not consider himself a hero at all the modesty is refreshing and very endearing.
Not only was there one twist in this book but there were two. I had a feeling that something was going to happen but the way it played out was not what I was expecting. I was kept turning the pages to find out how the twists would be resolved.
Raven and Lucas are not looking for love as they both have been hurt in the past. I have a feeling that love may find them. Betrayal and hurt may be too much for Raven to overcome to get to her happy ever after. This makes a great read for any romance lover, I highly recommend this book to the romance lovers or to anyone that enjoys a good read.

4.0 out of 5 stars Loved this inspiring story May 5, 2015
By Jodie's W.I.N.E. List
I'm not sure I can say enough about this wonderful story. It was a fun, light hearted read that warmed my heart. The description on Amazon lists it as an interracial romance. Honestly, I didn't take note of the race of the characters at all. It's a story that can happen to absolutely anyone. Please don't let that comment turn you off to this uplifting story.

Just about anyone can relate to Raven. She's an over-stressed woman who just wants to make a change. I'm sure we've all felt that way, that's why we escape reality in books. However, Raven takes it even further by making a quick decision and quit her job, the root of most of her stress. It just wasn't what she wanted anymore.

Her Aunt Dottie is such a sweet woman. Always there to support her niece. Everything she did, she did out of concern for Raven's well-being. Even if her actions weren't necessarily ethical, she had good intentions.

Then there was Lucas...swoon... You could tell he was attracted to Raven from the beginning. Dottie's concern might have originally brought them together, it was his attraction to her that kept him coming back.

I just knew why they originally met was going to blow up in his face eventually. I kept reading to get to that moment and to see if they could get past it. There was a plot twist that I was definitely not expecting. Just wait until you get to that point.

4.0 out of 5 stars Sweet story April 26, 2015
By Christine Kaye Lofton
I was allowed to read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a sweet story about two people who have had traumatic relationships in the past but in meeting each other find love again.

The story goes through Raven leaving her career as an attorney and working at an ice cream shop. Due to her interfering Aunt, Raven meets Lucas and over time, the two fall in love. As the story progresses, much time passes in their relationship with the reader getting blips of them at various points in time. While this is happening, there is a side story going on with Lucas and one of his patients. Both stories come to a climax with Raven finding out about her Aunt's interference and Lucas learning who his disturbed patient is. At this point, the two stories become intertwined to the end.

As I said, this is a very sweet story with two nice career oriented main characters. They seem to fit well together. At times, I felt a little disjointed from the book but other than that, I enjoyed it. If you are looking for nice romance with a little bit of suspense, you will enjoy this book.