Excerpt from A Heated Romance
Monday morning after breakfast, Marcie O'Dwyer busily swept the kitchen floor. She looked up to see a dark-haired, handsome, incredibly built guy with broad shoulders walking toward her. His well-muscled body moved with easy grace.

Before she could say a thing, he said, "Hot damn! This is some sweet deal I got myself into."

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"We'll discuss that later. I can't believe they've hired a woman to clean for the house."

She looked at him as if he were crazy. "Who did you say you are?"

"I didn't. You're pretty damn nosy for a cleaning woman."

"I'm not the cleaning woman! I'm a firefighter, bud."

"You?" He chuckled. "You're putting me on, right?"

She shook her head, blood pounding in her ears. Leaning on the broom handle, she glared directly into his green eyes. "Damn serious!" she squeezed out between clenched teeth.

"A female doesn't belong in a firehouse. She belongs in a house surrounded by a white picket fence with a bunch of kids to take care of." His reply knocked the heated banter squarely back into her court.

Marcie gripped the broom handle so tightly her knuckles turned white. She had a mind to whack the guy right over his thick skull with it.

"O'Dwyer, I see you and Smith have met." Assistant Chief Lenny Wiebolt walked into the kitchen. "He's the new transfer from downtown, replacing Logan."

Wiebolt was tall, with thinning sandy-blond hair. He was a fair guy who treated everyone equally no matter their gender. This fact alone endeared him to Marcie.

"He's a real charmer," she spat through clenched teeth, glowering at Smith before putting the broom away. "If you'll both excuse me, I have things to do." She suddenly felt the need for fresh air and walked outside.

A small, innocuous pebble lay on the concrete apron in front of the firehouse, and she gave it a swift kick. Mentally, she replayed the scene with Smith and fumed all over again. This guy was something else. To look at him, she saw every woman's hottest fantasy-a near perfect male specimen. However, all that was just icing. Too bad the cake beneath was rotten. She'd had her fill of male chauvinists. In her opinion, macho firemen were the worst. Even her dad had been one.

Marcie hated having to prove herself every time a new fireman joined the squad. Needless to say, as the only female firefighter in town-and a damn good firefighter at that-the onus fell on her. But she was fed up with being forced to go through the drill. If some ego-inflated Neanderthal couldn't deal with it, well that was his problem, not hers. This time she swore would be the last. She was damn tired of having to justify her worthiness.


She battles blazing fires and battles for respect...
As a woman firefighter, Marcie O'Dwyer can never let down her guard. She knows it might cost her life. However, Ray Smith just might slip past her defenses. He poses the greatest threat...to her heart.

There is no room for her in his life...
Hard-hearted Ray Smith has vowed never to fall in love again. Only Marcie is working her way under his skin. This woman has no place on the Squad. No place in his heart.

Passions burn as bright as the fires they fight...
But can their attraction survive constant doubts, a misunderstanding
and the threat of a maniac arsonist bent on murdering them both?

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Five Stars: A Heated Romance and Much More!, March 25, 2008

Diane Davis White "Historical and Contemporary... (North Central Oklahoma)

Candace Gold spins an exciting tale of one woman's struggle for equality in what has traditionally been a man's world--firefighting.
Is there romance? Oh yeah! Marcie O'Dwyer, though more
concerned with career than passion, finds herself embroiled in a
big time romance with the hunky, but mysterious, Ray Smith--who may or may not be
a chauvinist.

Fast paced, riveting and exciting are only a few of the words that express this thriller. Combine a feisty, fearless female with a dozen or more reluctant male co-workers and mix in one co-worker who is reluctant at work but only too happy to be more than friends outside the job. Stir the ingredients until they come to a boil with a crazed arsonist and a mad stalker [who may or may not be one and the same] then simmer on the back burner with twists and turns galore.

Who can Marcie trust? Who is trying to kill her? With her life on the line, she strikes back, determined to find the killer before the killer finds her--unprotected and vulnerable.

A must read!

Diane Davis White
Author, Moon of the Falling Leaves

4.0 out of 5 stars ROMANTIC THRILLER October 14, 2011
By Reader
Format:Kindle Edition
Ray smith had been transferred to The firehouse from downtown, Marcie O'Dwyer was mopping the floor when the newcomer entered she asked him who he was and he said that she was pretty nosy for the cleaning lady, she informed him that she was a firefighter, Ray Smith laughed but you are a woman. That was the beginning of their relationship. Marcie disliked Ray Smith on sight for his chauvinist comments she had worked very hard to get respect in the service, and here was this guy trying to belittle her. After their initial meeting the sly digs he made to her were beginning to get to her, in the end the chief organised a training exercise for the two of them, in uniform carrying a hose up a building which the firehouse used for training purposes. Except this ended up being a race against the clock, Marcie knew she could not beat Ray at six foot three and with his size he was just more powerful, but she hoped to make a good showing. In the end Marcie's time was only seven seconds shy of his, after that Ray avoided her. But circumstances dictated that they are thrown together again, and they soon realise that they may not dislike one another as much as they thought they did.
I really enjoyed this book Marcie and Ray were both strong characters, plus there are a full supporting cast of family, friends and workmates which are a big part of this story. Ray and Marcie's relationship is gradually built throughout the book with all the ups and downs. There is also a threat especially to Marcie when she spots something at a fire which ends up with her life being threatened. This is a fast paced story with no dull moments. Highly recommend.