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Sandy Greene's life is routine. She's a nurse working in a busy pediatrician's office, married to a wonderful guy named Ed. The only thing she'd change if possible is Ed's job because it sometimes takes him away on business trips. Otherwise, Sandy considers herself to be one very lucky and definitely, happy, camper. Until one night...

Sandy is stopped on her way home by a traffic cop. She pulls over and the cop demands she get out of the car. She doesn't understand why and refuses, but he threatens to arrest her for resisting. She'd forgotten her cell phone that morning and doesn't want to miss her husband's call, so she hopes that if she complies, it will hurry things along. Instead of giving her a ticket for speeding, the cop forces her into the back of his cruiser and takes her to a desolate area.

That night Sandy's entire world is turned inside out and she learns a very terrible truth. Not all policemen protect and uphold the law.

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The Sequel to RAPED BY THE LAW

Ten years ago, Sandy Greene was raped and terrorized by a rogue cop. Having put all that horror behind her, she has moved on with her life thanks to the help of her loving husband and son, until several occurrences make her feel she is being stalked by the cop's ghost.
The Greatest Gift of All
While still nursing her wounds from being left at the altar a month before her wedding, Claudia Sykes is talked into attending a Valentine's Day dance. There she meets Adam Devine and soon forgets her ex and the pain he caused her. They fall in love, but Adam is a reservist in the National Guard and is deployed to Iraq. Claudia fears he won't return and she'll lose him as she lost her ex. When Adam's letter stop abruptly, she fears the worst. Will her worst fears come true or does Adam return to her?
All blind dates are losers, Carla Harris thinks until she has a fellow librarian, Melanie Gould, go on a blind date instead of her. When Melanie tells her that the guy had been handsome and charming, Carla wonders if she missed out on the date of her life and decides to check the guy out.
The Blind Date
Under a Kinder Moon
Elaine Blyden’s children convince her to sell her big house and move into a lovely assisted living complex. There she’ll have her own apartment and medical help in case of an emergency. Shortly after she moves in, she notices a man who looks familiar. By the time she formally meets him, she realizes she does know him. His name is Roger Downey and she hates him. Roger wants to put the past behind them and at least be friends, but will Elaine be able to forgive him?
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Twisted Love
Mark James and Melanie Alba fall in love and their relationship is progressing to the next level. Only Melanie’s former lover, Richard, wants her back. He repeated leaves messages on her landline and when she ignores his calls, attempts to reach her at work. Finally, she calls him and tells him she’s in a new relationship and loves the guy. Shortly after this, Melanie starts to receive nasty notes warning her to stay away from Mark. Then she receives dead flowers delivered to her at work. She surmises that Richard is behind this, but when her brakes in her car are tampered with and the police get involved, she discovers that Richard was out of the country at the time. Melanie is left with a most disturbing thought—who wants her dead?
Summer Rain
Michael and Jenny have been friends since childhood. He’s been there for her always to help her through each failed relationship. Finally, Jenny seems to have found the guy she wants to marry, only to realize how undependable he is, especially after he cancels an important dinner without an explanation. Angry and hurt, Jenny calls Michael who comes over to cheer her spirits. The next day they go on a picnic and bike ride. When an unexpected thunderstorm occurs, it changes their lives forever.
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Left to Die
Jemma Brody has changed her name to Carol Brandt and is working far from home as a waitress to support her child, T.J., now for a year, until her estranged husband, Hal, finds her and takes her to a secluded area to kill her.
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