Now available...AT FIRST SIGHT, a novel about two co-workers who can't stand each other, but share an office and now out... Two new books of shorter stories, The Life and Loves of Ariel Jones: Vol.1: I Errogenous Jones and Vol2: Ariel and Ray Uncensored, centering around Ariel Jones, an independent, sexy black woman with a healthy libido...... ...

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Ariel Jones:
A long-legged, sophisticated black woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. She is sexually adventurous and indulges her libido with whomever and wherever she likes. Okay. So sometimes this gets her into real trouble. Ariel just chalks it up to experience and moves on down the road to the next adventure.
The only adventure she avoids like cheap shoes is marriage. Too much trouble. Too much heartache. Too little freedom. But when she meets her match, she's got to reassess. Because he's to die for and he's got his own agenda.

When Autumn Stiles lands the advertising job of her dreams, it's the happiest day of her life. She doesn't count on the tall, handsome, dreamy-eyed Stuart Tanner doing this best to get her to quit.

When Tanner learns the latest hire at the advertising agency where he works comes from a privileged background, he makes it his mission to get rid of her. She's obviously just another pampered rich girl playing at a job she thinks is easy and glamorous.

But soon the heat sizzles between them and he determines he will never give in to his desires.

Now available in two volumes:
Includes episodes 1-4
Includes episodes 5-7
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